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Female Student Crowned the 2015 CGMO

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The 2015 Chinese Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (CGMO) came to a successful conclusion on August 14, Guangzhou. Zhang Jiaqi from class 28 Grade 3 won first place in the competition, thus directly enrolled in the national mathematics winter camp. We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to her coach, Ye Xinnian and head teacher, Zhang Hongxia. 

Zhang Jiaqi is the second female student Ye Xinniang has ever coached to enter the nation mathematics winter camp. Back in 2009, Mr. Ye’s student Zhang Min won second place and earned gold at the 8th CGMO. Eventually, Zhang outperformed other contestants and became a gold medalist at the 51st International Mathematics Olympiad.

At present, the school is making steady progress in various undertakings. All the school departments are working together to create an environment favorable for students’ growth and development. It is especially noteworthy that Grade 3 has made considerable achievements up to now. A number of Grade 3 students have been admitted to national training programs aimed at preparing students for the International Science Olympiads. We would like to extend our best wishes for their complete success in the prestigious competition. We are also hopeful that all our 2016 graduates will accomplish their dreams and make the school proud of them.