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Military Training for 2015 Fresh Students Successfully Completed

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On August 30, more than one thousand newly recruited students of 2015 dressed in army uniforms gathered on the playground for a solemn military parade, which marked the end of their first lesson at high school—military training. Present at the parade were Zhou Pengcheng (Principal of No. 1 High School Affiliated to Central China Normal University), Wang Zhong (Party Secretary of the school), Wang Yifang (Director of the Department of Student Affairs) and so on. The heads of the training unit from Wuhan Institute of Ordnance Officer also appeared on the reviewing platform.

The military parade started with the National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China, followed by student soldiers’ military march in formations. Altogether 29 phalanxes representing 29 classes demonstrated their standard parade steps they had acquired through drill after drill over the past week. Accompanied by the Military Anthem of the PLA, the young soldiers marched with vigorous steps and shouted in chorus, presenting their tough character and thriving vitality. Their performance was received with hearty rounds of applause from the view stand.

After the review, Wang Yixian from class 3 delivered a speech on behalf of all the new students of 2015, in which he expressed his thanks to the training instructors, teachers and schoolmates, and illustrated the sentiment that ran deep in his heart. The directors of Grade 1 Mei Xi and Wei Wei made a summary of the grand review. In addition, Principal Zhou Pengcheng presented pennants to the training instructors to recognize their dedication in the one-week military training. In the end, the recipients of the awards for excellent classes and excellent students were announced and recognized by the school.

Up to now, the military training for 2015 fresh students has come to a successful conclusion. The life in the training camp, where students’ willpower got strengthened and courage fortified, has left them a lasting impression. We believe all the Grade 1 freshmen will transfer the high spirit they had for the training to their future study and achieve academic excellence at high school.