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HSY Welcomed New Students for School Year 2015-2016

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On August 23, No.1 High School Affiliated to Central China Normal University (HSY) celebrated the beginning of another school year and welcomed over one thousand new students.

“I like HSY because of its strong academic atmosphere and the best biology lab in Hubei province,” new student Yue Ling said on his first day of high school. Yue graduated from the Boarding School of HSY as the top scorer at Wuhan senior high school entrance examination. Today he stepped into the HSY campus with more than one thousand new arrivals, filled with high expectations for their high school life.

On campus, banners like “Welcome to HSY!” and “Cultivate Students’ Key Abilities” can be seen almost everywhere. In order to greet news students, all departments of the school have made careful preparations in the hope of making our new students feel at home.

Chen Wenjuan, the head teacher of Class 28, Grade 1, texted each student in the class in advance. The message goes like this, “Congratulations on your making it all the way to HSY and welcome to Class 28, a glorious team. I’m your head teacher Chen Wenjuan. For the next three years, I will keep you company and help you scale new heights. ”

As registration for new students took place today, all the new HSY students have found their own classes and head teachers, who will help them adapt to their role as a high school student at the beginning of the new semester.

To our great delight, students and parents appear to be satisfied with the school’s preparation for their arrival. “Everything is in order and everything goes smooth,” a student said with joy and excitement written over her face. Parents also spoke highly of the school. “I can be so much at ease to have my child live and study in HSY”, a parent told the reporter, “What attract us to the school is not only its first-class facilities, but also its advanced educational ideas and a large number of distinctive teachers .”

Principal Zhou Pengcheng is very much concerned with new students’ registration work. Walking into the crowd and kindly communicating with students and their parents, Mr. Zhou extended his warmest welcome and best wishes. “Getting the best students from all over Hubei province and making them top talents, this is the mission and the glory of HSY,” said Zhou with a firm determination.

We sincerely wish all the new 2015 students can acquire physical and mental health, noble characters and key abilities fundamental to their development at HSY, and thus fulfill their potential for future success.