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School History

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The Founding of Our School (1950)

Founded on September 13th, 1950, our school was originally named Central South China Experimental Middle School for the Fast Training of Workers and Peasants. Pan Xinnian and Zhao Juntao, two leaders from the department of education of the Central South China military and administrative commission established the school in accordance with the spirit of the Government Administration Council. The school  mainly enrolled qualified cadres of working-class and peasant origin and PLA commanders, training a large group of high intellectuals urgently needed by the New China.


The Second Phase (1955-1978)

In 1955, the regular high school was established, recruiting senior one students throughout Hubei Province.

In 1962, a soaring training class was jointly established by Hubei provincial military command, Hubei Physical Culture and Sports Commission and Hubei Education Department, whose name was later changed to Hubei Soaring Spare-time School for Youngsters in 1965, preparing a great number of young talents for China’s air force.

In 1978, the school entered a stage of reform and opening up in line with the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the thirteenth Central Committee.


The Third Phase (1980s)

The school took the lead in establishing a Moral Education office to help the students improve their moral qualities and political awareness. In addition, a new management system was put in place, in which each grade section was in charge of its own affairs. This system was introduced to strengthen the management function of the grade groups. In terms of curriculum design, a “five-forty” teaching plan was implemented, i.e., five sessions in the morning, forty minutes for each session, autonomous classes, optional courses and activity classes in the afternoon.


The Forth Phase (1990s)

The school was the first to explore and implement the “quality-oriented credit system,” carrying out a bold reform in education. 

The launching of this experiment and the remarkable results achieved attracted attention from all sectors of the society. China’s Vice Premier Li Lanqing honored the program and the school leaders by paying two visits to the school. 


A New Chapter

In August 2005, the school changed its location from Dongdamen in Wuchang district to Wuhan Donghu’s New Technology development zone, and expanded its size to 95 classes. A series of principles and ideals were put forward. Our development strategy is “one body, two wings” with a “people oriented and development foremost” guiding principle for running the school. The teaching goal is to cultivate talents who are “virtuous and committed, informed and refined, as well as diligent in learning and quick in action”, while the teaching mode highlights “interactive and inquisitive teaching which perfects itself by the students’ learning.” Core value is to “cultivate students’ life-long learning awareness and ability” under the management principle of “give full scope to the talents.” Featuring “study with independence and creativity; develop for diversity and excellence,” the school strives to become a top brand both at home and abroad.