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Brief introduction of Zhou Pengcheng

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    Born in Jinshan, Hubei Province, Zhou Pengcheng, principal of No.1 Middle School Affiliated to Central China Normal University, is a member of the Chinese Communist Party, a top-tier high school history teacher and psychological consultant. He has gained a doctor’s degree, and a senior professional title in high school teaching. In addition, he is actively engaged in a number of organizations and institutions, serving as vice-president of the National Middle School Sport Federation Field and Track Event, vice director general of the second council of Hubei Education Informationization Committee, member of Hubei Middle School History Association and World History Association, and vice director general of Wuhan History Association. Principal Zhou has the following convictions:

1. “To strive for great education with great love.” He contends that a distinguished school should have passion for the country and nation in the first place. Besides, as the sea embracing countless small rivers, a big school should keep the big picture in mind and therefore support should be provided to the educationally less developed areas and a harmonious co-development is needed. As a pioneer in education, a distinguished school ought to lead and direct the public opinion with successful educational practices, contributing to the sound development of education. Meanwhile, a distinguished school must show love and care to the teachers, students and parents.

2. “The best education is the education needed in the future.” Principal Zhou holds that the responsibility of a distinguished school lies in training and promoting the development of elites. In the process, equipping the students with abilities, especially the essential abilities are what it takes to achieve that purpose. Essential abilities lay the foundation of student’s fitting into and changing the society, which are fundamental to students’ lifelong development.

3. “To carry out all-around education”. Principal Zhou argues that society is the external context of education. Therefore, school education involves three sides: the society, school, and families, which all plays a part in the students’ education and should work together. The school is a small system of education in which the relationship between the teachers, staff and students should be balanced so that order in running of the school and well being of the students are achieved. Students are separate individuals enjoying the privilege of education, whose growth involves personal physical and psychological health, essential characters, and essential abilities. The three aspects are related to each other and should not be separated. As present, a comprehensive educational reform with the purpose of promoting students’ health, essential characters and essential abilities is carried out steadily.

4. “Attaching significance to education science.” Principal Zhou has published a book entitled The Research on the Balanced Development of Basic Education in Hubei Province and is the compiler or co-compiler of more than ten textbooks, reference books and other books. He has also led or participated in more than ten research projects, including a national "ninth five-year plan" key project, “the eleventh five-year plan” and “the twelfth five-year plan” planned projects in education science in Hubei Province, major research projects in high school curriculum reform in Hubei Province, key projects in Central China Normal University, etc., of which “The Research on the Internationalization of Provincial Model High School” has been awarded a first prize.


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